2019 Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS SE details:


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Stock Number: 8907/8906

Get this good looking and updated Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS SPECIAL EDITION for 

as LOW as $44.29 weekly!!!

The Grizzly EPS SE defines beauty and beast in one all-capable package. Offering renowned terrainability, the Grizzly EPS SE adds sleek special edition colours and graphics and Maxxis mud tires to the Grizzly family. This makes for the perfect machine for the riders who enjoy unmatched power to performance while still managing to turn the heads of any bystanders.


New 27-inch SE tire package

Special Edition model takes trail performance to the next level with stylish and functional alloy rims

Oversized 27-inch Maxxis® Zilla® tires with dual-compound sidewalls and an extra-tough carcass construction to handle anything you throw at them


Big-bore engine designed for aggressive trail riding

Grizzly EPS SE bring even more riding excitement without losing an ounce of comfort

New, smooth-running 700-class engine with improved midrange power.


Aggressive and durable styling

Rugged composite front bumper resists scratching and rust

Injection-molded fenders and CV joint guards protect against rocks and debris damage

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