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  • 2018 Yamaha Wolverine X4 EPS
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Designed to be the ultimate adventure partner, the proven off-road Wolverine X4 is all-new for 2018 and provides the best combination of capability, comfort and confidence during outdoor excursions with family and friends. The Wolverine X4 offers unmatched overall off-road performance in the widest variety of terrain and conditions. Try it for yourself and see where your next adventure will take you!


The Wolverine X4 boast Sachs self-leveling rear shocks with dual rate springs. These shocks help provide consistent ride comfort and maintains wheel travel when the unit is loaded to offer ideal compatibility wherever your adventure takes you.


The all-new 847 cc, liquid-cooled in-line twin is designed to provide a smooth, quiet operaton for maximum enjoyment and features a "Speed Key" to limit the vehicle's top speed to 40 km/hr.


Roomy 4-person seating is offered through contoured high back bucket seats that offer an industry only 4-to-2-seat convertible bed. Superior versatility makes it easy for hauling passengers or gear without sacrificing class-leading terrainability. 

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