2020 Transporter SE details:


  • 2020 Transporter SE

The needs of snowmobilers who use their machines as a way of life are vastly different than those who seek the thrill and adventure of recreational riding. Yamaha has a deep understanding of what it takes to get the job done in the extremes of winter. The simple design and proven dependability of the wide tracked VK540 along with the technically advanced Transporter 600 articulated long track fill these needs. Both feature reliable 2-stroke engines with back-up recoil starting. Purposeful attributes like a rugged storage rack, sturdy tow hitch, long range fuel capacity and functional protection from the elements are all provided to fit those special needs.

2-Stroke / 599cc
2-cylinder / 599cc
Fuel Delivery
Electronic Fuel Injection
Team Rapid
Disc Brake Type
Hydraulic disc
Electric Start/DC Output
Standard / Standard
Push Button Engine
Suspension (Front)
Independent, Double Wishbone
Front shocks
Monotube Alum-HP GAS-1.5
Front Travel
9" (241mm)
Ski type
Yamaha Mountain
Suspension (Rear)
Dual Shock SR 153 Torsion
Rear Shocks
Monotube Alum-HP GAS-1.5
Rear Travel
13.5" (343mm)
Track (WxLxH)
Camso® Power ClawTM (15x153x2.25")
Ski stance C to C
38" (965mm) adjustable
Fuel Capacity (L)
Hand and Thumb warmers
Heated Seat
Electric Power Steering
Tow Hitch
Black / Red


  • 599cc 2-Stroke Engine
  • The two cylinder, 599cc, 2-stroke engine features state-of-the art computerized fuel and oil injection. Exhaust port slide-valves control the gas flow into a tuned pipe with stainless exhaust collector and silencer. Spark ignition is generated through a digital CDI with knock control sensor and cooling achieved through a liquid heat exchanger system. Electric start is standard with a back-up recoil 'pull-start' just in case.
  • 153" Utility Suspension with Flip-up Rails
  • The long travel rear suspension features a hinged, spring-loaded tail-end section that allows the rear idler wheels to travel upwards in an arc when going over bumpy trails making the sled feel and handle like a shorter track model. This articulating feature also assists the sled when in reverse by helping guide the track up on top of the snow, not letting it dig in. Another unique feature is offered to lock the rail so it doesn't articulate for maximum traction when pulling a heavy load. A simple 'push pin' is used to engage the rail extension when needed to help keep the skis down and get all the traction possible out of the 153" track.
  • 153 x 2.25" Power Claw Track
  • This 153" long Power Claw track uses 2.25" lugs in a 3.0 pitch configuration. The forward-curved-edge lugs are beneficial when the powder is heavier, and helps to keep things hooked up when pulling a heavy load or breaking trail. The 153" length coupled with the articulated skid-frame gets it done regardless of the task at hand.
  • Yamaha Gen 2 Body Work
  • The Transporter pulls styling cues from Yamahas line of sport sleds. The fresh aerodynamic lines help improve airflow around the engine and clutch bay. Body curves are specially designed to deflect snow away from the rider when cruising through deep snow.

Snowmobile 2020 600 CC

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