2020 Yamaha Snoscoot ES details:


  • 2020 Yamaha Snoscoot ES
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At Yamaha we believe in sharing quality times with family and friends out-of-doors in a healthy, fun environment. To that end there is no better way to get a young person to pocket the Smartphone and pull on their boots than with a Yamaha youth snowmobile. These small machines are engineered with safety and fun first and foremost. The affordable price is sweetened with a high resale value. And the hours of enjoyment your kids will have with you? - Priceless.


  • NEW Handlebars
  • NEW Steering Post
  • NEW Tie rods
  • NEW Butterfly Style Carburetor
  • NEW Tighter Steering Radius
  • NEW Airbox
  • NEW Flip-lever Choke
  • NEW Throttle Lever

Snowmobile 2020 200 CC

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The SCR950™ calls back to the past with its low-profile bench seat, retro-racing side number plates, fork boots and bold color accents. Modern engineering meets timeless scrambler style.

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