2019 SIDEWINDER L-TX SE details:


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Sidewinder L-TX SE provides everything you need to rack up the big miles with confidence. The extra length of the 137 inch RipSaw II track aids in closing the gap between bumps and the variably coupled skid frame ensures you have full travel of the front arm while maximizing transfer with little or no ski lift. Cornering is smooth and accurate thanks in part to Fox 1.5 Zero front suspension.


The SE gets premium FOX Zero RC front shock absorbers with adjustable coil springs and a wide range of rebound and compression damping adjustments. These shocks include FOX® FIST ice scrapper technology, velocity sensitive damping and high quality hard chrome rods with T6 anodized 1.5 inch bodies. The skid frame front arm gets an aluminum 1.5 HPG gas shock and the rear duties are carried out by a beefier 2.0 aluminum HPG shock for fade-free performance.


The handle bar controls feature a left hand switch cluster which allows for 'on the fly' access to the new multi-step hand and thumb warmer adjusters. Information available on the multi-function guage can be easily selected with a convenient toggle switch and the push button reverse gear switch is also located in the left hand cluster. The right side of the bar is clean with a new egonomically shaped throttle lever and simple ,stand-alone emergency stop switch. A new Hayes brake cylinder equipped with a composite 'shortie' brake lever provides greater modulation for better feel and powerful stopping performance.


The boosted, one liter triple is unmatched when it comes to delivering incredible power with the refinement and quality you have come to expect from a Yamaha. Designed around a premium turbo unit, every engine component from the pressed forged crank to the cast steel exhaust manifold is dedicated to producing uncompromised performance. The proven Yamaha engine has earned the respect and reputation befitting the industries highest achiever. This engine produces the potent venom in the Sidewinders bite.

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