2017 Honda CBR 500 details:


  • 2017 Honda CBR 500
  • E65DCC36-9BC4-4659-9F72-FFBBB8F9B42D.jpeg
  • A968E404-E19C-451B-B5F8-02EF9DBE35F0.jpeg
  • 144E4182-E4ED-487B-94AC-FDF47E1DEB4A.jpeg
  • A5DB013F-EBB8-4C1D-B08B-D1AD49ADD02B.jpeg
  • 4900F64B-A0E7-432B-9A5E-7E3F9B6EA031.jpeg

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Motorcycles & Scooters 2017 12851 KM 500 CC

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The SCR950™ calls back to the past with its low-profile bench seat, retro-racing side number plates, fork boots and bold color accents. Modern engineering meets timeless scrambler style.

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