2012 Yamaha Nytro Xt-x 144 details:


  • 2012 Yamaha Nytro Xt-x 144
  • D74BE47E-7318-4DBF-8DCF-F1C56FF32F5F.jpeg
  • F8EDC5F4-C71E-400E-A8D1-8D4CE20F7DC7.jpeg
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  • EA2E9D2C-D397-4CCB-AC97-6758DF433CEC.jpeg
Stock Number: 9345

Extra clean, ski wheels, graphic kit

Financing available as low as $46 weekly!

Snowmobile 2012 10995 KM 1049 CC

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The SCR950™ calls back to the past with its low-profile bench seat, retro-racing side number plates, fork boots and bold color accents. Modern engineering meets timeless scrambler style.

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